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4A State Championship - Mile High Stadium

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November 2014
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ANNOUNCEMENT: 4A State Championship Game
Author: Mike Meachum
Congratulations to our coaches and boys for beating Falcon and advancing to the 4A State Championship game!  CHSAA has scheduled the game for next Saturday, Nov 29th at 11am at Mile High stadium.  Thank you to all the parents and students f
ANNOUNCEMENT: Pine Creek @ Falcon - Game details
Author: Mike Meachum
A message from PINE CREEK HIGH SCHOOL CHSAA SEMIFINAL 4A FOOTBALL GAME PINE CREEEK HS @ FALCON HS STADIUM    10255 LAMBERT RD.  PEYTON, COLORADO 80831 Saturday, Nov. 22 2014 Kick off: 1:00PM    CHSAA Admission Prices:&n
ANNOUNCEMENT: 4A Semifinals - Pine Creek @ Falcon
Author: Mike Meachum
The CO 4A state semifinal game has been moved to Falcon High School stadium on Saturday, Nov 22nd at 1pm.  The weather is forecasted to be partly sunny with highs between 40-45.  Come out and support the team and let's finish the Falcons!!
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Mike Meachum entered latest scores, check them here new scores
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